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Smoking Cessation - How it Works
Our stop smoking program is based on behavior modification. Participants are taught 15 steps to follow for 7 full days. If they faithfully follow the steps, they will quit very easily.
The reason it works so very well is that this program is designed to turn off the longing for a cigarette. Once the urge to smoke is gone it is very easy to quit.
Volunteer Instructors Needed
We prefer to establish a relationship with local churches and faith-based organizations interested in providing a free pubic service to their local community. Those organizations often find that they have people who would like to quit, and then when they succeed they like to share the blessings they enjoy by teaching others.
There is no cost to become trained as an instructor for our smoking cessation program. We prefer to use instructors who are former smokers, but it is not required.
Training is provided through a live online webinar. You need to be able to view the Internet on your computer while listening and talking by phone to participate in the webinar. The training lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes depending on the number of questions. We hope to secure funding that will enable us to produce a training on video so it can be easily distributed on CD to those who would like to become an instructor.
A lesson manual is provided to instructors at no cost. The training must be provided at no cost to the public, and must be made available to anyone who requests it regardless of church affiliation. It may not be presented as part of any other program for which there is a fee for participation.
Please call or write to let us know of your interest to be of service helping those who would like to stop smoking. Just click the Contact Us link to the left. 
If You Want to Quit
Please use the Contact Us form to write and tell us where you live and we will find a volunteer in your area who will contact you and arrange to teach you the lesson. It will take about 90 minutes. You must have a "buddy" or "coach" who will attend the lesson with you and who is willing to have personal contact with you each day to encourage and help you.
The instructor will offer a location where you can come to take the lesson. At the end of the week the instructor will meet with you again to give you a certificate, and for a little celebration of your success.
The instructor will most likely be from a local church or faith-based organization. One of the 15 steps is prayer. You will not be asked for money, and you will not be asked to learn about the instructor's church. If you have questions the instructor will answer them, but unless you ask the subject will not come up.
You may wish to ask a leader at your church or other organization if there is an interest in providing the 15-step program as a public service. Have them contact us to make the arrangements.