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First Aid Instructors Needed 
First Aid related course instructors are needed throughout the U.S. and in some international locations.
We offer free training for instructors, for those who are willing to donate their time to teach a first aid class once every six months to a non-profit group as a volunteer. Instructors are encouraged to teach additional classes to the public throughout the year and get paid for those services.
Our instructors are passionate about helping save lives. If you are willing to volunteer your time twice a year to help improve the lives of the people in your community, please contact us.
To become a first aid instructor you are required to attend the courses you desire to teach, and then attend a separate seminar to learn how to teach the course to others. There is a minimal cost for these courses to cover the cost of materials, but there is no charge to be an instructor. Instructors are required to teach at least one course every six months to retain approval to teach.
If you find joy through service to others, and if you would like to save lives, then this is the opportunity you are looking for.